Saturday, June 25, 2016

The best 360 real estate vitual tours software

The real estate company where I am forking was losing money in the last 2 quarters, which seem to be a huge problem, as the vast majority of the companies in this field were in fact making a huge profit.

This is more than disappointe\ing for my company, that with a couple of veterans of the real estate market was unable to cover the costs in the last copule of months, was unable to achieve profitability and basically it was living from the company reserves, that were plentyfull, but not huge.

So... basically we needed to be able to produce some changes in the management, in the software area and also in the procedure areas in order to be more productive, but we at first been unaware of what our competition was doing.

So... after a huge debate with all the team members we reached the conclusion that we would need to study our competition, and mainly the competitors that were making a huge lot of money by working in this industry, even if those companies were smaller than ours.

What we did find out in only one week was incredible, the fact that those companies were smaller but largely more efficient than our company in preparing the necessary marketing and promotional materials, in having 365 real estate vitual tours generated and shared throughout the internet, while we were still buying ads in the newspapers.

So... we did what we have to do to survive, we copied them, we worked hard in improving our efficiency and become profitable again.

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